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8 CDs for Sale: Eclec-tricity, Full Moon Dawn, Goldwind, Bamboo Wind, World Flute Kaleidoscope, Dandelion, Celtic Breeze or Flutewind

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Eclec-tricity CD

Rosalind Richards’ Eclec-tricity album features a variety of World Fusion, Classical, and Contemporary Cool Jazz tracks. Her Renaissance Garden, Andean Hopscotch, Bali Java Jam and Bamboo Warrior have won popular acclaim in Europe and around the world. Andean Hopscotch, Irish Reel, Bali Java Jam, Maasaii Jumping, Three Wishes, and Ganges Dancer highlight exotic sounds from around the world.
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full moon dawn  Full Moon Dawn is an imaginative journey of rich cinematic landscapes filled with flutes, gentle rhythms and new electronic dreams. Futuristic, electronic, uplifting and one of a kind.
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goldwind cd  A yoga practicioner for 20 years, Rosalind wrote the music on Goldwind to harmonize with the rhythm of a yoga class to energize in the right places and relax in the right places. the Goldwind CD is also good for meditating and for just relaxing listening.
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bamboo wind  Bamboo Wind is a collection of beautiful tracks from Asia which feature the flute and ancient traditional instruments of Japan, China and Bali. The album has contrasting moods ranging from the dramatic to meditative to happy and mysterious. The beautiful flute of Rosalind Richards helps to uplift the tracks along with the well-timed touches of dramatic gongs, bells, taiko drums and shakuhachi making this album a memorable and satisfying one and worth having.   Enjoy a beautiful collection of uplifting flute and Asian instruments creating a light atmosphere perfect for relaxation, meditation and healing.
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dandelion wind  Dandelion Wind evokes image of peaceful Zen Gardens. Rosalind recently won recognition by the Japanese Cultural Center in Kyoto with the purchase of her Asian music. Her World Fusion tracks have been sold to film directors in Europe and are receiving airplay on international radio. Ms. Richards previously was Principal Flutist with the La Jolla Symphony Orchestra.
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world flute kaleidoscope World Flute Kaleidoscope CD has cool instrumental pieces from around the world such as Celtic, Medieval, Spain, Japan, India and Bossa Nova.  Rosalind’s flute is featured throughout the album and soars on “Celtic Wind”, dances on “Spanish Fire” and warms the heart on “Bossa Flute.”  As an expert on ethnic rhythms and song.
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celtic breeze  Discover the world of fantasy with shetland whistles, bagpipes and soaring flute music on Celtic Breeze. Listening to the lovely shetland whistles, bohdran, harps, strings, bagpipes and flutes along with the romantic celtic melodies joyfully uplift and renew your mood bringing you a feeling of new love, romance and sweet fairy-tale visions. Some titles of songs are: Highland Fantasy, Heather Breeze, Walking through Irish Hills.
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flutewind The Flutewind CD is perfect for meditation, massage and the final session of a yoga class. These are original uplifting compositions that include the sounds of wind and drum as accompaniment.
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Here’s what people are saying about Rosalind’s Music:

“This album transports…Goldwind is one of the best albums I own. It uplifts my mood no matter what I am doing–writing, housecleaning, reading, or exercise. I have experimented with this album, which is a combination of worldbeat, electronic fusion and melodious flute. When I feel low, this album always transports, relaxes and energizes me. The music is a mix of Gregorian-like chants, Indian raga, Irish flute, jazzy cello, African drumming and so much more.”
– Samantha B.

“The Flutewind CD is perfect for meditation, massage and healing. Rosalind’s flute soars in a way only she can do. Great flute tone, originality of composition and the sounds of the wind and drum to produce what is an amazing CD.”
-Ramon V.

Flutewind is music for the soul. The plaintive, haunting flute music always “sends” me to my own private inner sanctuaries. Listening to this CD, I can easily picture myself in a scented garden or near a pristine water-fall. I especially like the musical pieces which communicate an Asian feel, such as “Misty Morning.” Other selections help me to create a peaceful mindfulness while I am working quietly at home.”
– Patricia A.

“This enchanted flute music will soothe your mood and uplift your day. Rosalind takes you on a gentle voyage of calm and peach on golden waves of sound. Perfect for meditation, yoga and background music.”
– Betti Roberts

“…Calming and soothing. Music that can relax you, inspire you, deepen your yoga and meditation, renew your spirit.  Healing, uplifting and helps renew your connection to the universe.”
– J.J. Knowles